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“Are you ready to find out how powerful your mind really is?”

From: Bob Proctor
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Thursday , 8:30 a.m.

Dear Friend,

I’m not making any bold or rash promises that you’re going to earn millions of dollars, although you could … that you’re going to double your business, although you could … or that you’re going to find your soul mate or anything else. But, all of these things have happened, with regularity, to various people who have attended the programs I conduct. However, that’s not the focus of the Advanced Mind Camp.

Real success, lasting success in life is not dependent on much of what we have been programmed to believe. Success is not dependent on a superior intellect, formal education, a privileged background, age or gender. And there are no secrets to success. Success is dependent on awareness. Your results in life are an expression of your own level of awareness. When your awareness is heightened, so are your results.

Over the 3 days that we’ll spend together in the Advanced Mind Camp, you will begin to feel differently. Then, almost suddenly, you will feel like someone just turned the lights on … in your mind. Your perception of what illumination is will change.

Try and imagine that you are in the dark of night.
You are in a football stadium down on your hands and knees.
You have a little penlight that you are shining in the grass,
and all you’re able to see is what the penlight is illuminating.

Let that part of the ground being illuminated represent your complete level of awareness with the knowledge you have gathered about your mind … how it works, how to make shifts and how to make big changes in your life.

Now imagine, while you are down there on your hands and knees, somebody turns on the floodlights in the stadium!


You sit there stunned by what you see, how far you can see.
You are absolutely amazed at everything that has come into view.
Your level of awareness is compounded.

Now, I think you know that there is no way a person could explain such a dramatic change as it’s just taking place in this hypothetical situation that we just created, you would have to be there and experience it to understand it.

That’s what’s going to happen in the Advanced Mind Camp

You see, there is a powerful energetic force that assists and sustains anyone who knows specifically what he or she wants to accomplish … these energetic forces are here ready to support and sustain your goal achieving journey.

However, you and I both know, that at least 95% of the people who have dreams, wants and desires will never come close to achieving their desires because they are forever searching for the switch that turns those flood lights on in their mind.

You already know how to do better than you’re doing, let’s work together to get you where you want to be.

For the past fifty years I’ve been studying the human mind, human potential, habitual behavior and success patterns … I have been studying YOU. And you’re going to love what I share with you.

At different times over the 3 days you are going to feel a real sense of enthusiasm for what you dream of doing, what you decide on doing, and that enthusiasm will grow until you feel like you’re going to burst. It’s a phenomenal feeling. I know because I experience it regularly.

My life changed like night and day when I was in my late twenties because someone cared enough to teach me what they knew about life and success. They helped me develop a more intelligent perception of the possibilities contained in the laws of nature. That’s what I’m going to do for you in the Advanced Mind Camp.

There are three very specific techniques that I use in my everyday life to create the great results that I do… three very specific techniques that I have never taught publicly.

Now I want you to imagine something else…

…imagine that I am meeting you for the first time; we reach out and shake hands. After a brief conversation I proceed to tell you exactly what you are like; I have your personality down pat. You’ll probably think that I have spoken with someone from your family or inner circle. In fact, I begin to tell you things about yourself that you thought no one knew. As crazy as this seems, I can do this!

Now! Just imagine I teach you how to do this.

Imagine how this would impact your future? Imagine how it would improve your relationships … your sales … your ability to manage others? I could go on and on thinking of the areas of your life where you would benefit from the use of this mental ability. Needless to say, you would be a much more productive person, and in so many different areas of your life. Most people would think this is magic!

Don’t pass this off as some silly idea. Seriously think of how you would benefit from knowing how to do this. What you’re actually doing is developing the ability to be aware of what another person is like. You will feel their energy. I will teach you to see things that, without this awareness, you would never otherwise see.

This ability has helped me earn millions of dollars, make great friends all over the world and build a global business that provides a valuable service to people on every continent. Just imagine what it will do for you. The beautiful truth is quite clear – if I can do it, you can do it. We are all working with exactly the same potential. The reason the results that people get are so vastly different lies in the fact that their awareness is vastly different.

The Advanced Mind Camp is unique … what you will learn here, you will not find anywhere else in the entire world. That is not an exaggeration – it is a fact.


Just imagine … relax and imagine that when you glance at a person, you know as much about them as their mother. You see, I could really shock you with what I know about you if we were to meet.

I frequently do this in a seminar. I pick a person at random and with their permission I tell the audience all about that person. Quite often, I’ll hear someone whisper to the person beside them “How does he do that?”

The real shocking part is … I can show you how to do this very same thing. Yes, I can. And when you know how, you will be fascinated with your new mental ability. You see, it’s really a mind game. I am going to show you things about the mind that very few people know.

Here is a really strange fact: I only went to high school for two months. Yet, I’ve taught what I’ve learned about the mind to psychiatrists and psychologists all over the world and they’re amazed at how much more effective they have become in their practice.

All the great teachers throughout history have clearly indicated that what goes on inside of us shows on the outside; in truth, we hide nothing. At the three day ADVANCED MIND CAMP I will teach you how to look at another person and know what they are like … you will actually experience, first hand, what I am talking about. This is not something you are going to forget. It’s not your memory we are working with – it’s your intuitive factor, it’s your awareness that’s going to change and that’s something you will have for a lifetime.

What I have explained is only one part of this three-day program. However this one part will be worth much more than you could ever imagine. Just this one lesson will change your life where you will feel like you have walked out of a dark room into the clear light of day.

At the ADVANCED MIND CAMP I am going to teach THREE POWER LESSONS in the three days we will be together.

If what I have shared interests you, register now. The other two lessons are equally as MIND EXPANDING.


The ADVANCED MIND CAMP is the ULTRA MIND EXPERIENCE. After 50 years of studying and using this great information a strong urge from within moved me to create the ADVANCED MIND CAMP and teach the three lessons that I believe are primarily responsible for my success. Just imagine what this will do for you.

Your future will be so much better.

Seating will be limited. We have booked the venue. When it’s full, registration will be closed. If you have to borrow the money from your grandmother to attend the Advanced Mind Camp, get on the phone right away to Grandma. I can assure you, it’ll be the last time you ever have to go to Grandma for money.

I honestly hope you are as enthused about coming to this as I am about teaching it. This is the first time I have taught the Advanced Mind Camp. I’ve thought about it for a long time. Then, one day I realized … it’s time.

I truly hope that you realize … it’s time. Register right now! We’re going to start sending you information that will prepare you for the trip of your life.

I truly believe this will be some of my very best work, and a weekend you will not want to miss.

The Advanced Mind Camp will be held in Los Angeles, California on October 20th, 21st and 22nd.

Click below to register. I’m looking forward to turning on the floodlights in your mind.

To your success,

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